Application for Digital Transmission Content Protection Sample Implementation Kit (DTCP-IP SIK)

The DTCP-IP SIK is licensed by Intel Corporation. The DTLA bears no responsibility for the content of the SIK. DTLA disclaims all liability, including liability for infringement of any proprietary rights. Developers and others seeking this license must be an Adopter in good standing with DTLA. 

If you are not a DTLA adopter, visit and locate instructions to become an adopter.

If you are a DTLA Adopter in good standing, then follow this process below:

1. Provide the information from the first page of the DIGITAL TRANSMISSION PROTECTION LICENSE AGREEMENT and complete this form:

Adopter Information  
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Description of Adopter’s Business:
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Technical Contact Information  
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Once DTLA Adopter status is confirmed, you will receive a pre-filled Intel NDA and an Intel DTCP-IP SIK License Agreement via e-mail. The Intel DTCP-IP SIK License Agreement will be encrypted with your PGP key.

2.Complete and sign two hard copies of each agreement and send to:

VTM Inc.
3855 SW 153rd Drive
Beaverton, OR 97006


When your completed license agreement has been received and verified, you will receive, via email or FTP, the Intel DTCP-IP SIK encrypted with your PGP key.

Support for the license process and the SIK are provided through or Phone: +1(503) 619-0505